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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yo! I'm here promoting the new guys on the block *actually my sis's band* the anti -stickman-project! They're not THAT good... but good enough for me.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Post Malaysian Field Trip Life

... I'm bored out of my ass. Nothing to do and exams coming in just a few days. Honestly, I wanna play my PS2 all day long and forget everything else... but my mum's at home so I'm NOT ok. Studies wear me out. Forget what I said in my previous entry about mugging. I have not started to mug. __ school.

My RO character just became a sniper. You would think being even stronger would make RO get interesting again but no... all I do now is bot, bot and bot even more. Even RO is losing its fun. Crap. School is taking the fun out of life. I'm bloody 18 years old! Its supposed to be a period when a person is most distracted and active. But the stupid system is forcing me to study, otherwise my future is ruined. Its no wonder that many people are dropping out.

Still bored like hell. Hey any of you guys wanna go swimming? I heard that there are babes at Toa Payoh swimming complex training every Thursday. ^^

Peace out.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm Back!

Haha its been such a long time since someone posted on this blog. Well, credits to Daniel for reviving this almost dead blog and to my sis for creating the new tagboard. Anyways, I have a question to ask u all... is it worth it to spend $50 just for buying items in an online computer game a.k.a Ragnarok Online? Feel free to post your comments on the tagboard. And Tjoe, don't bother answering this question because I already know your answer.

Life has been pretty repetitive and mundane lately. I think any student will agree with me. The only saving grace about going to school is the friends that we have there. Otherwise, I don't see the point in studying or A levels or even an education. Bite me but I think I'll have a better future if I quit school now. But of course, since I have chosen this path, I will stick with it to the bitter end. PERSEVERANCE! Sy Rogers spoke about it during the sermon today. Lets hope that I can employ some of it to my everyday life. So, ready, get set, GO!

MUG MUG MUG MUG mug mug mug mug.....zzzz

Peace out.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

arsenal rox woohoo

haha jus won 8bucks cuz arsenal won 1-0 bolton .. woohoooooooo and i promise brandon i treating u guys drinks haha..yeah gambling is bad so dun gamble guys..even if ure gambling pls dun put ure entire savings into it ! haha bet small small can liao dun be overboard sometimes..yeah todae played street soccer wif laoda n brandon n morientes dey all .. ahh so tired and shagged lah..block test comin guys study hard!! yeah..jus found out nomis birthdae comin soon aha..wonder y brandon bdae over liao duwan go for driving license siao 1 leh u..haha if its me i alreadi driving u guys around liao lor wah lao ... nvm lah u all wait for me i pass liao den bring all of u to msia buy dvd..not porn lah ahhaa..wooo..todae so sian nothing to do 1..wanted to go out but lazy like fuck haha..so long nv blogg liao i tink dis blog is dead but nvm its REVIVED by me! haha..pls blog more often lah guys..wana go swimming on tue or mondae? maybe we go sentosa or sumtink lah dere can s@@ zarboh haha..korean pornstar also meybe will be dere woo..lol ok enuff said i will leave dis place for more pple to blog on and u guys betta blog lah okie? cya and takkaire everyone muacks hahahaha..

dan cheers!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why Must We Have A Title?

YES! I found another person who is willing to play Ragnarok with me. Look out world, when my guild is ready, we will take over Rune Midgard by storm.

Yesterday, went to Daniel house to gamble. That m-effer is lucky I tell you. He wins without even having to think. The tiles all just comes his way. So eventually, the lucky person won and I had to go home empty handed... Could it be that luck follows the owner of the house? I've yet to see hosts losing during gambling. Ok! I've decided that the next time we play money, come to my house. Then I can put my theory to the test.

Actually, I'm not allowed to gamble. How? The bible clearly states that gambling is bad... but I just can't seem to stop. Hmmmm.......... we'll see how things progress

Finally, there's this song called Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden. Listen to it man. Nuff said.

I have a Valentine date with retcarahc and Nobnarb. Maybe meet up with SainT NiDe and PVP with LordSword.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Friend in Need

Hey Tjoe... You sound really sad man. Don't try commiting suicide. Its a serious thing. I don't know whats bothering you but I'm sure the four of us will be there to help you out. OK, so we bully you sometimes and we act like we hate you and all but deep down you know that we care right? Haha I'm sounding gay again.
Anyways, don't take it to heart when we do our stupid antics because boys will be boys. We might still do dumb things on the spur of the moment.

Peace out.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Yoz eveyone!..the date today is 07-02-05, the time now is 10:30pm i am sitting in front of my com and basically typing nonsense in msn , chatting together with Brandon, Daniel, Calvin and Nomis. After that , i got really upset becos no one send me any new year greeting so i just try to camouflage myself with the surrounding so that the others will not notice my presence.

My goal:
I came to this World to make it a better place for everyone to live in. My primary purpose in living is to bring joy to the sad and hurtful people of mother Earth. However, the world is so ugly , i don't think the world needs me so i guess i'll just stay at home to read a book to increase my knowledge.

The world is sooooo ugly and difficult to live in. Thinking about the world brings sadness into my heart , i am always finding myself entrapped in a desire to lead a better life. I tried committing suicide so that i can continue living in a dream that lasts for enternity, however, i am too afriad to die , I just cant convince myself to face death.

The time now is about 11pm, I am on the verge of a mental breakdown, for now I just need some idiot to piss me off and i will really break.....

Signing off with love

Tay Tjoe Leong

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