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Monday, January 24, 2005

failed mission

went out wif calvin n daniel after school...daniel wna buy shoe...so we went to jessica father's store at hougang not knowing wad kind n wad type of shoes they sell...in the end we walk around the stores outside hougang mall...onli manage to find 1 shoe store....dunno whether it's her paretns' store or not....n the funny thing is tat the store onli sells footwear for either middle-age or kids...not the type of shoe daniel wants...haha...jessica had earlier warned daniel nt to go there coz the store doesnt sell the type of shoe he wants..she was right!haha....after tat we played the game 'open number' where the loser will go n ask for the number of a gal in 7-11...Calvin lost twice...but he requested fer a 'better quality'(u know wad it means)...so we went to hougang mall to hunt...midway thru...daniel saw a gal who coincidentally carry the same bag as YJR!!however the gal seems to b playing hide-n-seek wif us....after a long time of searching...daniel finally found her!but sometimes..luck is not on ur side..the gal refused to gif him her number...so he failed...haha..
oh ya guys...there's this show desperate housewives at 10pm...heard tat it's betta than Sex And The City...so mus watch...look out for Gabrielle in the show...think she's hot..there were even rumours tat Pamela Anderson snub the show..damn!!if she's in the show..think the rating will increase tremendously!haha...rem to watch..ciaoz..


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