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Friday, January 14, 2005

friday is a fun dae

daniel here..dat fucker joe leong got his gal todae but looked like shit whenever the sms came..wads wrong wif ure balls? 4got to bring dem out along wif u ah? fuCK u lah..calvin was brave todae to approach some mysterious gal who said she's not les when we din even asked her..mus be fucking open and despo like wad bran said..got to saw the gal i flirted wif in da canteen..she not bad lah quite looking but her fren better but too bad her attitude like fuck alwaes kpkb when i toking to emily (flirted gal). sherlene is a fucktard lah alwaes kp when i tokin to gals , mus be jeolous lah..hai bo bian dis kind of pple born out wif dis kinda smelly mouth..i found out todae dat cal actually got the balls and lanjiao 1..unlike some fuckhead(joe) who dun even dare to ask for plaster the dae b4..haha..let us work harder to find more gals to join out community~~~~ i tink mon bran mus ask the gals liao he like nv do anitink 1..jus act injured bahahaha..but good acting lah rox man..can become full time actor lo!! ok good bye..bye and remb the rrule guys! FUCK AND THROW! =))


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