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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

hot juicy news everyone!!!

HAHA! Tjoe just let slip on some dark secrets of his past! However, due to some personal agreements between us, I can only give hints of what he told me. Here goes.. Boy (lets call him A) goes to tuition group, A meet a pretty girl (later referred to as B), A falls in love with B and askes her out. B agrees and they soon become a couple. However, thats not enough for A, he wants more than just being B's steady. He wants her whole person (if you get my drift). So, one fine day, when B decides to rest her head on A's shoulders, A decides to take advantage. Well, A did not do anything bad to B, just the 'normal' stuff. HAHA. Want to know more? Ask him yourself. I'm not risking my life for objective journalism.

And Tjoe, I hope that was discreet enough.

Peace out.

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