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Thursday, January 20, 2005

how can they massacre sheeps?!

tmr hari raya and so mani sheepies are gonna die die..on sundae i tink cuz of some delay shit in Australia..hope the ship sinks and the sheeps swim back to ure homelands..but maybe its the traditions of malays dat's meaningful to every muslim..but how can they fucking kill them..i mean at least kill chicken instead of sheeps..deyre like so white and cute animals? hai sad for them, lets call mr incredibles to help dis sheepies !! todae was kinda boring in sch cuz i was havin flu and cough hai stupid fucking weather so hot..mus drink more h2o liao la..lucky got 3 daes break can sleep till i drop..hahaha..supposed to find suzana at ps todae but moi fren backed out so going on sundae instead..aniwan wana go pls tell me we can go together and di siao her .. hahaha.. todae saw dis korean porn star wannebe girlie from chungcheng haha..so hot i thought brandon's undies went floodiin wif sperm hee..jus played soccer wif cal joe n ah cek we won off coz..haha so lousy e opponents..sometimes i wished i cud return to my childhood life so i cud enjoy moiself once again..realli miss moi childhood daes wif so mani cute lil frens ard me..esp ah boy da malay boy at moi block haha..its so great to be young, but once ure old, ure old so the daes of maturity impends without much notice before u noe it so pls enjoy urself everyone and dun waste time sleeping like me!! hee..its good to sleep but dun oversleep cuz u ll become a piggie like jessica simpsons haha..din noe gals in our class read our bloggie but dats good cuz at least they noe how we da handsomes do and also how joe leong loves korting so much..look at the tagboard nxt door <-- joe's sick i tell u..go see wad he wrote and u ll understand me..enuff said takkaire guys! and rest well nomis if ure sick hope u recover soon bless all of u pple..

daniel^beckham ^7^

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