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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh Happy Day

Today was extremely fun. I got my PS2 back the first thing in the morning and also get to experience how it feels like to be a karang guni man. I got tips to be a good one too! First, you have to be poliet and ask nicely. Second, take advantage of the elderly. A few nice words and they are all over you. Trust me. I believe I can convince them to give me their house keys if I try hard enough. Haha. Anyways, the community service thingy is really fun. Too bad it ended so soon. After that, we went to play soccer at Daniel's place. I have to tell you, Daniel's dad is DAMN GOOD! Honestly, he is like a general during the match, giving advice on where to run and who to mark. We lost however. Hehe.

By the way, Constantine looks like a really good movie. Maybe I'll try to ask a gal to watch it with me ^^. Whoever wants to watch it with me please leave a message on the tagboard. Haha.

Ps: I have a feeling I'm gonna be flamed on the tagboard.

Peace out.

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