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Monday, January 17, 2005

oh suzanna...

lets sing the infamous song..oh suzanna..u wan to fuk wif me? hhaha..aight todae we met her and chatted fer quite some time..she's super open on my own opinion..planning to go find her on thur ani1 wana go wif me? tjoe leong u better come wif me..no action no conversation..how the FUCK u going to jio her? todae not much zarboh for us to jio..cuz we din chance upon any..tmr we shall help brandon get his gal..way to go bruder ! i will find that bartley gal for U dun worrie! hahaha..as for cal next time den i find for u lah..lol..super song lah todae joe leong finally made his 1st move by tokin to her .. she seems friendly but i suspect an unexpected outcome from our relentless pursuit to make friends wif her..tink she's hiding some ulterior motives or sumtink..hmm like joe said maybe she wans us to join her church? haha..who cares its the love that's impt not some urging to go somewhere thingy or wadeva~ fuck i tink she's too good to us..unlike any normal gal, well i tink she's nice but jus cant figure wads her intentions or maybe there isnt and she jus wana make frens?! aight enuff for todae we're gonna cont our hunt for more babes tmr! good luck guys..and hello LADIES!!

daniel beck

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