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Saturday, January 15, 2005


went to sch dis morning wif brandy to attend some stupid lame course shit, darn boring i slept thru it...si bei sian la todae..looking forward to mondae bran will ask for a j1 gal's number haha..cant wait..suddenly i miss being attached..desporised* anw, tjoe leong u son of a fuck lucky shit got suzanna better jio her over to our community if not ur a fucked up loser!!! she so open confirm can man..jus ask her out lah no nid to sms so much since she open..stupid fuck lah u..hahahhahahaa........aniwae sleep like piggie until now...wad shud i do? bran said boredom is dangerous!! omg!! im in danger!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! die lahhh my pants on fire liaoz....tink i shall go swimming or sumtink lah..or return to sleep? hahaha...dis is fucking boring..cant study on weeekend afternoons, cuz it sux to study on a surpose-to-go-geylang dae..haha jus jokin, well im pondering over u guys havin stead and mi steadless..haha and oh i had a dream .. too cool to describe but its jus fantastic!!! and tmr we shall go see sg vs indo tog!! guess wad i dreamt of mi fucking ms tang lol..dats fucking lame but its true lah..i remember i was half naked cuz she punished me and den i sat on her leg which was protruding up..den she started shaking lol..madnesses i shant cont to pollute ure minds..anw have a great dae every1 and rock on..oh i tink we shud link up wif other pple..so we can expand our community of chiongsters!! yeah ahaa..tonite going clarke quay wif uwee and david see liverpool match wooohoooooooooo enjoy every1!~


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