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Friday, January 21, 2005

TV is good

Just finished watching the 13 episodes of Hellsing that Tjoe lent me. Overrall, the animation and storyline was good but leaves the viewer begging for more as it ends too abrubtly. The song Shine by Mr Big is also in this series. I recommend it to you guys man.. damn cool. Also, the anti-christ elements in this show is subtle, not too obvious like Bible Black. Haha, I am acting like a movie critic. Well, since I am in this kind of mood, I will comment on another movie I watched yesterday. Its called Alfie and has Jude Law in the lead role (its M-18 by the way). Anyways, its a refreshing change from all the other movies that I have seen these recent months (LOTR, Blade trinity, Matrix, Starwars... you get my drift.) It is almost a documentary of the playboy Alfie's life. Also teaches the viewer valuable lessons on flirting with and dumping girls ^^. Oh ya, did I mention that it has some frontal nudity scenes as well? Heh. Guys, I recommend that you watch it with other guys. If you watch this with girls, you'll have to endure 2hr++ of "OHHHHHHH.....Jude Law is SOOOOO CUUUTEEEEE!!!!!!" Trust me on this. I experienced this first-hand. Anyways, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Watch it! Watch Hellsing too!


Peace out.

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