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Friday, January 14, 2005

What a Day!

Ok the truth's out. Tjoe is not as gay as we once thought. He actually got excited when the gal we approached smsed him back. Haha. Speaking about the gal, she must be some desperate, deprived, hormonally charged girl to be excited by 5 perverted guys like us. Calvin is the one that approached her though... must have been his manly charm that attracted her. Heh. I pity her when she realises that the guy whom she smsed is Tjoe. Oh ya, we all tried to hit on another J1 gal also but that stuck up bitch actually ignored us. Well, at least Tjoe got Suzanna (the despo gal) now. I guess its time for me to make my move on the gal that I like too! Otherwise when the other 4 get their targets I'll be the only lonely one left..

Enough of all this corny stuff. Yo bros, remember that gals are secondary and brotherhood comes first (at least for me). So stick together and fuck all that comes in our way. ^^

Peace out.

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