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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Daniel is a Despo =)

Yes. I truly believe that Daniel is beginning to lose his mind. He is starting to ask almost any good looking J1 girl for their numbers.

Yes. It might be you tomorrow. You are good looking right? If not, don't worry.

Actually, we saw this pretty looking girl from Bartley in the library. Then Daniel asked Vanessa to help ask for her number. You know what? VANESSA ACTUALLY ASKED!!! Crazy. So embarassing. Then he smsed her and asked her to go for a movie. Obviously he was rejected. Haha. Hey bro, I'm not insulting you. Girls will be scared if you make your move too fast. Moreover we don't look like Nomis. Guys like us can only win them over using proper strategy. ^^ A bit like playing RISK. Only we stand to lose our pride instead of armies if things do not go our way.

To all the people who want to watch Constantine with me, I have a feeling that most of you are guys. Buzz of you stupid lame shits and get a life. If not, go shove a pole up your ass and push the shit out of your mouths. Hope that keeps you entertained for awhile. The offer is still open though. If you really want to watch with me, tag on the board and leave your name please. Hope to hear your reply. ^^ (I'm really gonna be flamed this time)

I want to meet the Girl white with bandages.

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