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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

despo rox

actually i jus wana be friends wif the gal la..hahaha..jus now in the canteen brand and i saw the gal den go library also see her.maybe its fate lah so y not take her number rite? hahaha..
aniwae i tink suzanna now abit angry wif me liao lah..thanks to joe leong hahaha..no lah not u Re fault..worst still this gal is from squash and same as ljr hahahahaha..woooooooooooooo but who cares..tink i going to join tennis aft the courts are ready woooo..next week is XIN NIAN LIAO!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO GONG XI FA CAI WAN SHI RU YI WO AI NI!!!
bran ask me to find a new gal for him i will find de dun worry..got me and vanessa sure can find 1 super duper chio 1 for u lahhhhhhhh jus wait okay dude! haha..and btw there's dis band thingy on sat wana bring ure stead go see together? tell me i go ask mabel for tix!! hmm..after dat go clubbin!! wooooohoooooooo..

daniel boy

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