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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why Must We Have A Title?

YES! I found another person who is willing to play Ragnarok with me. Look out world, when my guild is ready, we will take over Rune Midgard by storm.

Yesterday, went to Daniel house to gamble. That m-effer is lucky I tell you. He wins without even having to think. The tiles all just comes his way. So eventually, the lucky person won and I had to go home empty handed... Could it be that luck follows the owner of the house? I've yet to see hosts losing during gambling. Ok! I've decided that the next time we play money, come to my house. Then I can put my theory to the test.

Actually, I'm not allowed to gamble. How? The bible clearly states that gambling is bad... but I just can't seem to stop. Hmmmm.......... we'll see how things progress

Finally, there's this song called Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden. Listen to it man. Nuff said.

I have a Valentine date with retcarahc and Nobnarb. Maybe meet up with SainT NiDe and PVP with LordSword.

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