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Saturday, March 12, 2005

arsenal rox woohoo

haha jus won 8bucks cuz arsenal won 1-0 bolton .. woohoooooooo and i promise brandon i treating u guys drinks haha..yeah gambling is bad so dun gamble guys..even if ure gambling pls dun put ure entire savings into it ! haha bet small small can liao dun be overboard sometimes..yeah todae played street soccer wif laoda n brandon n morientes dey all .. ahh so tired and shagged lah..block test comin guys study hard!! yeah..jus found out nomis birthdae comin soon aha..wonder y brandon bdae over liao duwan go for driving license siao 1 leh u..haha if its me i alreadi driving u guys around liao lor wah lao ... nvm lah u all wait for me i pass liao den bring all of u to msia buy dvd..not porn lah ahhaa..wooo..todae so sian nothing to do 1..wanted to go out but lazy like fuck haha..so long nv blogg liao i tink dis blog is dead but nvm its REVIVED by me! haha..pls blog more often lah guys..wana go swimming on tue or mondae? maybe we go sentosa or sumtink lah dere can s@@ zarboh haha..korean pornstar also meybe will be dere woo..lol ok enuff said i will leave dis place for more pple to blog on and u guys betta blog lah okie? cya and takkaire everyone muacks hahahaha..

dan cheers!

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