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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Post Malaysian Field Trip Life

... I'm bored out of my ass. Nothing to do and exams coming in just a few days. Honestly, I wanna play my PS2 all day long and forget everything else... but my mum's at home so I'm NOT ok. Studies wear me out. Forget what I said in my previous entry about mugging. I have not started to mug. __ school.

My RO character just became a sniper. You would think being even stronger would make RO get interesting again but no... all I do now is bot, bot and bot even more. Even RO is losing its fun. Crap. School is taking the fun out of life. I'm bloody 18 years old! Its supposed to be a period when a person is most distracted and active. But the stupid system is forcing me to study, otherwise my future is ruined. Its no wonder that many people are dropping out.

Still bored like hell. Hey any of you guys wanna go swimming? I heard that there are babes at Toa Payoh swimming complex training every Thursday. ^^

Peace out.

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1:44 PM

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